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Banking Personnel Selection exams are conducted on a nationwide scale by IBPS via an online environment. Candidate’s competency in Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English Language and General Awareness & Computer Knowledge is evaluated through these exams. Every year, millions of graduates participate in such online examinations conducted by IBPS for various cadres namely Clerical, Specialist, and other Officers. CCUBE provides an online platform to practice for such banking personnel exams.

Benefits of Examination:

What makes CCUBE special is that it provides the aspirants a replica of the online environment of these examinations. The content of the CCUBE practice exams is developed by professionals from Banking Sector, Central & State government and those who are well-experienced in producing content. CCUBE Practice Exams’ materials are prepared in such a way that it matches the exam design/ blueprint of IBPS Exams, strictly adhering to current trends. Therefore, if an individual can clear a practice exam delivered by CCUBE, he/she is likely to get through the actual examinations.

Who can take these exams?

Individuals aspiring to become officials in Banking, Public sectors, Government Sector, etc. shall make use of CCUBE’s practice exams exploring knowledge across Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English language section, etc.

Exam details

Aptitude Exam- 40 multiple choice questions/25 minutes
Logical Reasoning - 40 multiple choice questions/25 minutes
IBPS Prelims Practice Exam- 80 multiple choice questions/45 minutes
Individual Exam on Computer Knowledge - 40 Questions in 15 minutes

Combo Exam- 1 hour duration
  • 40 Questions from Quantitative Aptitude
  • 40 Questions from Logical Reasoning
  • 40 Questions from Computer Knowledge

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